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Guarantee / Refunds

Due to the nature of the products sold, we are unable to offer any refund once your parcel has been opened unless the product is faulty. If a product is faulty, you must let us know within 10 days of receipt. You may be asked to return the faulty product to the company so that we can assess the problem. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the product to the company if we send you a ticket, and we will refund you the money back if we find out it is our fault.


We wrap and package all our products for postage extremely carefully. Our products are wrapped in sealed bags, bubble wrap, paper, tissue (or similar) and placed in either postal bags or boxes with bubblewrap or packing chips for protection, depending on the volume of goods. We cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs in transit.  No money can be refunded for damaged goods – if a replacement is not acceptable, we will issue a credit note subject to an administration fee. All our products are covered by our products liability insurance and are subject to Canadian law.


If something is out of stock and we feel that we have a similar or better product to substitute, we reserve the right to do so. Or we would contact you for canceling the items.

Back Orders

If your item is out of stock, we reserve the right to send your order without the item and send the item when it is back in stock. This will not incur any additional charges for you, and you may choose to cancel the back-dated item and receive a refund.  If the out-of-stock item is unlikely to be restocked in a reasonable timeframe, we will refund your money.


Vouchers are non-refundable. We may, at our discretion, extend the date by which the voucher must be redeemed. Vouchers may be transferred to another person.


Discounts and other offer options are only available for orders made online.


We endeavour to despatch orders received and paid for before 10 am on the same or the next working day (Monday – Thursday), but we are not super-efficient all the time. Therefore, unless otherwise notified or requested, we guarantee to despatch all orders within three working days of receiving your order (unless otherwise advertised for holiday closures etc). If an order is urgent, please let us know and choose the “Priority” postal option.

Delayed Deliveries

If you do not receive your order within a reasonable time, please let us know and we will investigate. While we take steps to ensure your order is delivered on time, we cannot be held responsible for deliveries delayed by the courier companies.

Returned Parcels

If your parcel is returned to us through no fault of our own, we will charge you a redelivery fee. Please ensure that you give us the correct delivery information when ordering.

Return And Refund Policy

We sell 1-ounce and 4-ounce oils so you can test them. We encourage testing. Fragrance oils are manufactured to be used in an application, not sniffed out of a bottle. You will never know how that oil will perform unless you test it in your own applications. We suggest that you test them in products before calling us. Fragrance oils will smell different in finished products than they do out of the bottle. 

Fragrance oils are not used for making lip balms. Fragrance oils are not used for vaping! 

MOST OF our fragrance oils are packed by weight. Not volume. That means you might have a bottle that appears to be “fuller” than another bottle. Each oil is comprised of different raw materials and will weigh differently, giving you a different fill line. Some will look taller or shorter in the bottle depending on the weight of the oil. Most citrus-based oils will appear “fuller” in your bottles 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We offer 1-ounce samples and 4-ounce tester oils that you can test before buying larger quantities. We do not accept returns on any products unless we have made a mistake when shipping. Everyone has a different sense of smell. We encourage you to try a one-ounce sample or a 4-ounce oil before buying a larger size so you can sniff and test in your application to see if the scent is agreeable to you and your application, as all sales are final. In order to maintain our high sanitary standards, we regret that we are unable to accept returns on colourants or additives due to buyer’s remorse. This protects all of our customers from the possibility of contamination, and there are no exceptions to this policy.

  • We offer one-ounce samples and 4-ounce oils to use as testers so you can test in your own application using your own supplies prior to purchasing a larger bottle. It is at your risk that you purchase a larger bottle without first testing.  
  • Our oils are considered specialty items. For sanitary reasons, once a package has been received, we can no longer vouch for the contents. We cannot take products of any nature back and resell them; therefore, we do not accept product returns.  We do not offer any type of product exchange. Please try 1-ounce or 4-ounce oils prior to purchasing a larger size. 
  • There are no refunds for oils you simply do not like or don’t smell as you imagined they would. We offer/sell 1 oz samples and 4 oz oils to test and sniff prior to buying larger bottles.  
  • THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR 1 OZ SAMPLES or 4 OZ OILS. These sizes are available for your testing prior to purchasing a larger volume. 
  • Fragrances with the same name from different companies will more than likely smell different as we don’t purchase from the same manufacturers nor do we all purchase the same grade or quality of fragrance oil.
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