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Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils

Also known as perfume oil or aroma oil, fragrance oil is a blend of synthetic or natural scents that are typically diluted with a carrier oil (vegetable or mineral oil). The main difference between a fragrance oil and a standard spray perfume is that perfumes have high alcohol content, which further dilutes the scent.

The oils that are used for the production of perfume oils are extracted from raw materials. Since there is no alcohol, they tend to linger longer on the skin and develop its notes in a different manner to alcohol-based fragrances.

The fragrances at JND Beauty Supplies are measured by weight, thus the volumes in the bottles will vary. Some 1lb fragrances will fill the bottle and others will only be 3/4 full. When making body products and candles most recipes will reference ingredients by weight, including fragrances. Colours of the fragrance can also vary slight by batch.

We recommend purchasing the smaller sizes of the product until you are sure of the compatibility with your finished product as we cannot accept returns on fragrance oils.

Each fragrance has documents under the “MSDS & Documents” tab. IFRA sheets indicate usage. They are broken down into categories based on the application they will be used in. The best way to figure out whether the Fragrance Oil selected will be suitable for your project would be to find the appropriate category and then the percentage usually labelled “Maximum Level of use %” next to it. One thing to clarify is that the Maximum % is not necessarily the recommended %. Testing is required to see whether the potency of Fragrance Oil needs adjusting and also whether the Fragrance agrees with other ingredients in your creation. IFRA and MSDS sheets are a useful tool to decide whether the Fragrance Oils you are using will work for your project, and how to use them safely.

As a starting point – the following is recommended (depending how strong and last long of scents you want to keep):

Melt & Pour Soap

1 – 2%


1 – 2%

Candle Making


Perfume Oil

20 – 30%

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